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Paul McCartney – Finding Love Once Again and Forever Working Hard.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Sir Paul McCartney has married for the third time. He tied the knot yesterday with American Nancy Shevell at a registry office in London yesterday. Paul was potentially the most creative of all the Beatles and known as the most difficult to deal with. Today I take a look at the horoscope of the Liverpudlian musical maestro to find out what makes him tick.

PaulMcCartney natal

Paul was born on 18th June 1942 in Liverpool, England at 14.00. This time comes from his memory so the actual time may be a few minutes either way. It is close enough for us to get a good view of his chart. He is a Sun sign Gemini with a showy Leo Moon and a rather critical Virgo ascendant. Paul is a very much a communicator and his Gemini Sun will make him changeable, busy, inquisitive and he will have a child like enthusiasm about him. His Sun is conjunct to his Gemini midheaven and Jupiter in Cancer. This is a hugely fortunate combination connects with Mercury in Gemini in the 9th house and the whole stellium conjuncts with musical Neptune in technical Virgo conjunct his ascendant. There is no way that Paul could have been anything else other than a musician and more to the point a writer of music and lyrics. Virgo in Neptune adds the skill in writing the music, Mercury and Gemini affecting Sun and Midheaven mean that he was going to be a singer songwriter, performing the creations he wrote. The Leo Moon moving off for a second shows a love of being up front and central, being the king, the person in the limelight. Neptune in such close contact to the ascendant suggests escapism, be it through drink, through drugs and even meditation. Paul was one of the first pop stars to openly admit to using narcotics, and has been associated with transcendental meditation. Neptune does not just refer to music and drugs. McCartney has been a lover of, books and poetry (Neptune square Mercury), art and paintings in particular, and been involved in short documentaries and writing the music to children’s animation and film. That childlike Gemini influence in his chart coming to the fore no doubt. Moving to the subject of children, Aquarius sits on the cusp of his 5th house indicating that his ones would be uniquely talented. Stella his daughter has become an internationally recognised fashion designer.

Mercury makes a sextile to the Moon bringing an emotion and softer edge to the writing, an appreciation of relationships and feelings and interestingly of women’s emotions. Paul is just as good a listener as he is a speaker and singer. Looking to Cancer which is ruled by the Moon, we find it encased in the 10th house of career. It is interesting that the women in Paul’s life were all very strong and successful independently, ones who were not afraid of being in the spotlight with Paul (highlighting the Moon in Leo). Paul always said that he loves the feeling of love itself. Neptune conjunct the ascendant softens the personality bring great imagination and a romantic air and with Neptune’s sign Pisces on the cusp of the 7th house, marriage to Paul is a wonderful magical thing.

Back to to Jupiter in the 10th. Paul was always destined to travel as part of his life and his work. Jupiter brings an international influence and in Cancer, those he works with he will look after. There is a generosity of spirit to work colleagues, this placement does highlight group activities although that Leo Moon suggested that Paul would tend to push to be the focus in any group activity.

Also in the 9th house is Venus and Saturn conjunct to Uranus. Notice that Paul married two American women in his life, firstly Linda and now Nancy. Venus in Taurus the 9th shows an attraction to foreign women and is very warmly romantic and sensual. I suspect that Paul when he sees a woman is very much guided by how she looks. Venus in Taurus is strongly attracted to anything beautiful and with someone so much in the public eye, Paul would insist on having a pretty lady to accompany him. Venus here is very loyal, so long as you are receiving the same love and affection in return for that which you give.

Anyone with a Saturn Uranus conjunction has an internal dilemma. Whether to be different and progressive or whether to stay safe and rather conservative, at home working 8 days a week or being as free as a bird. Sometimes you can go through periods when one planet tends to dominate your moods. Look through McCartney’s life and you can see the differences and possibly when one planet held sway over the other. Wings was very safe and easy going rock, where as the drug fueled psychedelic years of the Beatles and his ambient electronic albums of the mid 90’s were very avant guarde. The same goes for your beliefs  and Paul would more than likely swing between more conservative faith, and more unusual modes of religion and higher knowledge,

Saturn and Uranus make a powerful sextile to a very close Mars Pluto in Leo conjunction in the 11th. Here in this house we have a really interesting mixture. Mars and the Moon in the 11th suggest that Paul is a team player, someone who mucks in and helps every one along to achieve their aim. In Leo there is enthusiasm and creativity but Pluto sits here too. Now Pluto is averse to groups, wants ultimate control, it also suggests as I have said so many times before transformation. Pluto is a very manipulative planet and I very much suspect that Paul secretly wanted to use the Beatles as a tool to further his own ambitions. With the Moon in Leo, he wanted to be the star, to have top billing within the Beatles. When it was evident that John Lennon was becoming the “Numero Uno”, that intensely determined and wilful Mars Pluto, that desire to be someone special motivated him to use his position as one of the song writers in the group either to have more of a say, or ultimately to break away. In short he used creative blackmail for his own personal gain. The sextile to Saturn and Uranus shows a need for control, a need for independence and a need to fulfill ambitions. This is what McCartney wanted and craved.

Back as early as 1967, the Uranus Pluto conjunction of the 60’s was approaching McCartney’s ascendant. At that point something would have been going off in Paul’s head urging him to break for freedom (Uranus’ influence). As Pluto first made contact in 1968, there would have been no turning back from his desire for personal control, and I can imagine Paul having been a very disruptive influence from that point until in mid 1970, when transiting Pluto hit his ascendant at 25 Virgo for the last time, and the Beatles were no more. No greater demonstration of Pluto the phoenix planet, burning to the ground old out-dated structures so that new growth can begin. That Pluto transit allowed Paul to go off and do what his chart wanted and urged him to do, to have control over his own destiny. Many think he left his best work behind him, and I do too, however still being in the music industry after 50 years is no mean feat and approaching his 70th year, he is still composing and performing. With the powerhouse of energy that Mars Pluto, Saturn and Uranus contribute to his chart, I doubt whether he will ever stop working.

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