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Patrick The Perfect Pedant ...

Posted on the 31 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

I've always found it hard to decide whether or not I can enjoy the music of Patrick Wolf. Now beginning his journey through to his 6th album, Sundark and Riverlight, it's clear to me that some people must love him, and there's surely a reason for that.
 New Promo track, Overture, has both reasons why I dislike Patrick and reasons why I think he should be one of the biggest names in music ... it's an odd one.
The song itself carries some of the best elements of Patrick Wolf's voice, his way with words and the consistency to make interesting and wonderful music. However, and I think this is what makes it somewhat impossible, the video repeats itself over and over, to the point that you keep an eye on the timer to see just how far you've gotten.
I know it's trivial to find a song aggravating because the accompanying video, but for some reason, and I've tried a few times over, this song could not be finished until I was not physically able to see the annoying video attached.
The ending is also a bit abrupt for me, if it had calmly faded out it would have been much more well received, though, the song, itself, is a very good one. It is particularly well sung and showcases the very best parts of Patrick's vocal, it's obvious to see why he has made such a name for himself. Also, its whole aura is one of wonder and sweetness, as though this was all made in the wilderness - something which is quite the feat.
I just wish that video didn't rub me in the wrong way.

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