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Patient Letter to Dr. Guida

Posted on the 12 October 2012 by Drguida @RobertGuidaMD

Dr. Robert Guida has been such a great help in guiding me through my second diagnosis of basal cell skin cancer.  Once I was informed by my dermatologist that the biopsy read basal cell my entire life changed.  I previously had Mohs surgery without a good result almost in the same location on my nose seven years ago.   I researched many new doctors, new techniques and sleepless nights of wondering how much more my deformity on my face would I have to endure.  Unfortunately, none of the other doctors I conferred with gave me any hope or encouragement.

Dr. Guida from the first moment I met him made be realize he was the man who was listening to me, hearing my concerns, and genuinely giving me hope for a better future.  There were a few obstacles that I had to overcome with the planning and scheduling, but in my heart and soul I knew Dr. Guida would be the skilled surgeon to do the best job and continue with open communication after the surgery was completed.  Simply the man took to heart my plight and carried on with such technical skills that led to a wonderful result.  This gentleman is most kind, soft and compassionate in manner and puts you to ease immediately.

Dr. Guida’s team of professionals also led the way to open communication, timing, information, etc.   Josie, surgical coordinator, Jessica and Jennifer, Christy, Tara were there as well.  I so appreciate all their personal concerns and professionalism which they extended to me.   They all work together to make each case fall into place.

This journey hasn’t been easy and most stressful, but because Dr. Guida took the time, had the patience and through the skill of surgery he has helped me put my life back in a far better direction.  I am looking forward to a brighter future and can hold my head up with confidence.


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