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Patient Diary: The Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Drguida @RobertGuidaMD

Patient Diary: The Day of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Day of Surgery, August 9th: Patient had a cosmetic Rhinoplasty with Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.

Following Surgery Rosalie described her experience in an email below:

Today was great.

I was starving and needed to stop for food (I have a slight love affair with food lol),  I have no pain, have not taken pain medication and am spending a great afternoon at home playing Rummikub on Facebook lol

 I am just starting to feel a little (and I stress LITTLE) discomfort. 

Actually it is not really even discomfort – more like when you blow your nose too many times in the winter and the skin outside of your nose gets chaffed.

Just thought I’d fill you in on the first day home


 Please thank everyone for their support


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