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Party Trick

By Rubytuesday
Everyone has a party trickSomething they can doWith their body or mind You might be double jointed Or be able to talk backwards For as long as I can remember My party trick has been mirror writing Writing with both hands One going forwards And the other backwardsI Am left handed But I do most other this like play tennis with my right hand So both hands are fairly strong I guess I am a bit ambidextrousA useless talentBut interesting none the lessSome one told me onceThat it means I am using both sides of my brainInstead of just one sideWhether that's true or not I do not know Here is a little sample of mirror writing
Party Trick
I was wondering about youDo you have a part trick?Or something unusual that most people can't do? Which hand do you write with?Can you write with both hands like me?Answers on a post card please....

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