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Party Invitations on Flikr

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Party Invitations on FlikrIt's no secret that there's a growing trend in party productions; posting pictures.  That's not to say that my parents and their generation didn't take photos of the awesome parties they held; they did... what they didn't do was publicise those photos.  These days it's totally normal to post your party photos on Facebook, Flikr, Blogger and more... want to remember what you looked like last New Year's Eve? (even if you shiver at the thought?) Just drop into the virtual world of social networks and you're bound to be posted somewhere on someones photo stream!
They say that if you can't beat it join it; so I'm joining the stream (or is that 'the deluge'?) of party photo posting and I have created a Flikr Group where you can post your favorite craft accomplishments for the classy crafty community to see.  Show us your best invitations, decorations, cakes, keepsakes, costumes or any other party items that you have hand crafted (or store-bought items which you have embellished.)
The first call for comments I've set up is for invitations where you can post comments and pictures about your best tips and techniques for inviting invitations - go on... share your success stories with the world!

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