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Party Craft Table Ideas

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Party Craft Table Ideas It's no secret that I love the idea of crafting at parties, and that I believe that there's nothing faster, funner, and more fullfilling than seeing children make something all for themselves... okay, so funner is not a real word... but it fits.
If you're not convinced, here's a few ideas on how to introduce craft into your next party:
  • create a 'zone' - this is a messy area where you can expect a little chaos, so consider a spot outside.
  • have a craft table - cover it with a plastic cover if the table is precious... cover it anyway; it's going to get messy.
  • decide on one or two craft projects that suit the theme and age of your guests - crowns & masks are easy and obvious and there are plenty or ready made templates you can buy.  Cruise your local dollar-store and craft-store for other templates.  Decorating paper cone party hats is another idea that can suit most ages and themes.  Read this blog for even more inspiration.
  • On the table lay out enough templates for one project per guest with a couple spare.
  • Also lay out plenty of items for embellishments; glue, glitter, stickers, crayons and so on.  Stay away from scissors and other items that could be dangerous for little ones, as a craft table will never be 100% supervised, no matter how well intended you are.
  • Let the kids at it!

  • try to be age appropriate in your expectations; both in terms of the projects you are proposing and the tools and items you leave out.
  • If in doubt; buy more rather than less; your children can always use teh extras later.
  • Make sure your guests take their craft home as keepsakes.

Go on - get crafty at your next party! Have a look through all the party craft ebooks  available on the net for lots more printpable projects and ideas to get you inspired!

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