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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

It is with great sorry that I announce today that I will no longer be writing for My Girly Parts.

The decision was not easily made but one that has been contemplated for a few months now. With recent events in my local area, I feel it is my duty to help more where I can which leaves me no time to maintain or publish new posts on My Girly Parts.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’re sure to have seen my pleas for help in saving 170-180 dogs from a local No-Kill Shelter in Delaware. The fate of these dogs are in the public’s hands since the Board Members of the shelter have mismanaged funds and continue to bring negativity to the shelter.

No-Kill Shelter Struggling in Delaware:  Fate of Animals Unknown

It’s Time fora Little R&R

There are numerous volunteers there that are doing everything within their power to find these dogs homes as well as raise funds for medical care and food that these poor dogs need. I, am a silent volunteer, in that I’m helping to find homes for these dogs by reaching out online as well as in my real-time life.

This is where my passion lies and although all my time and effort may not be successful, I have to try.

That said……..

If you were a Contributor, feel free to take your posts and republish them elsewhere. It is your content and I thank you for contributing to MGP.

The My Girly Parts Facebook group will still be available. I don’t have any plans of deleting it as of now. Feel free to share your blog posts there as well and hopefully we can still grow the group. It’s easy to post “on-the-fly” to a Facebook group or page and to Tumblr (which btw, I’m really starting to like) and with today’s “smart” phones, it’s even easier!

My hosting with Bluehost expires 9/11/13 and I will not be renewing with them. I’m downsizing due to only have one (1) blog now. So that means, My Girly Parts will disappear early September. I’m truly sorry about all the broken links you may get. I really am because I know they are a pain in the bum to fix. My apologies in advance for any extra work and/or inconveniences this may cause you.

I’d like to also thank you for all the support in the My Girly Parts venture. You all are truly wonderful people whom I’m glad to call my friend.

In other news, I’m not disappearing from the blogging world totally. I will continue with my passion of pit bulls and animal welfare on Pibbles & Me. I know not everyone is a “dog” fan but I do invite you to check it out and see if it’s something your open to learning about.

Thank you again for your support! I’ll see you on the World Wide Web!

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