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{Part 2} 8 Ways To Give A Compliment Graciously

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey lovey,
My last post I focused on how to Accept A Compliment Gracefully and to follow up with that I wanted to write a post about how to Give A Compliment Graciously. Although I think for most people, knowing how to act or what to say when receiving a compliment is more difficult than giving a compliment, but there are still things to remember when trying to compliment someone so you don't end up with your foot in your mouth!
1. Be genuine 
You should absolutely believe that what you are complimenting on is true. People will know when you are lying so it's better to not compliment at all then to give a fake compliment. A naturally lovely expression will come over your face when you compliment someone and actually mean it, and they will in turn know you mean it and will be flattered and use (hopefully) one or two of the last tips I posted about! :)
2. Be Specific
Being specific about something you look works much better than being vague. Instead of saying "Oh wow! I love your outfit!" say something like "Oh Wow! I love your outfit! That shirt is such an amazing cut!"
3. Use a Compliment To Start a Conversation
If you're in one of those situations where you have to make small talk conversation with someone, consider using a compliment to start the talk! Something like "I love your outfit!" can evolve into "I love your outfit! Where did you get that shirt??" and there you go!
4. Make Sure It's Appropriate
Complimenting someone on something really personal isn't appropriate for someone you barely know. Personal compliments should be kept to close friends and family.. so keep that in mind before you compliment someone on their figure or a specific body part.
5. Vocabulary 
Try to use words that you wouldn't normally use like "Outstanding!" or "Out of this world!". They have a larger effect and "wow" people more than saying "nice" or "great" (aka. words you would use every day)
{Part 2} 8 Ways To Give A Compliment Graciously6. Compliment Actions
Compliments on actions over objects aren't heard often, so try to do this once in a while! Complimenting someone on their ability to motivate or inspire is something much more deep and meaningful than complimenting someone on their shoes. If you see the good in someone, let them know!
7. Constructive Critism
When people know you're willing to point out the negative (ie. An awful blouse, or calling someone out on being rude) people will respect your compliments more. NOW that doesn't mean going around and telling people what sucks about them... but if you give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to people when necessary, a compliment will be taken very seriously as well!
8. Don't Be Afraid to Compliment People of Authority
People in power tend to receive fewer compliments than regular people (lol) and complimenting them might really be taken with graciousness and positivity! They will welcome the feedback and will really appreciate the time you took to give them that positive feedback.
Now, don't go around complimenting every person you see about every little thing you enjoy, but when you really feel passionate about something or really do enjoy something, take the time and let the person know! I have never heard of anyone being upset over receiving a compliment and I guarantee you that that person's day will brighten right up thanks to your kind words!

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