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Parlez Vous Fashionologie?

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Parlez Vous Fashionologie? Being scold for my unsuitable-for-school outfit, I proudly enjoyed my one and only non-shirt and non-school uniform day which wasn't supposed to happen until I woke up half an hour later for school, which usually is the time it takes me to choose the right clothes, therefore having only about 5 minutes to get ready for school, this is what I super fast quickly put on me. Oh, and had time to take a picture too.
Parlez Vous Fashionologie? Skirt - S*uce, Tee - Topshop, Star necklace - Swarovski, Bag - Louise Vuitton ...And yup, not to be lying I took a close-up as well. But that's just because you, my dear readers who are really curious about what's been hanging on my neck the entire day and what the dear brand TopShop decided to print on their t-shirt... a year...two.. ago? Well, here it is for all the curious ones. In case you're still wondering what it says, it says: Parlez Vous Anglais? Which fyi means (showing off my great french skills) Do you speak english? Even though the sign is real cliche (maybe because that was about the first thing I could say in french) it ain't about the sign, it's about the overall look which succeeded. Plus all the cool kids wear it. Like the totally cool ones. JK. Adding a few necklaces made the top look less I've just ran out of the gym to get a coffee and for that very purpose I decided to go for a skirt rather than shorts/pants because then I really could just go run to Starbucks and grab that fricken' coffee to get back to gym. About the skirt again after the coffee pause, I love it. I just love it so bad and I have no other explanation for why it shows up in my outfits almost every week. It's so easy to match with simple and with more patterned clothes as well, e.g. check out how it lights up the today's outfit - a gray t-shirt and simple skirt having just a small part neon color and woahh it's right there, all cool and stylish. Ah, skirtskirtskirt, isn't that just brilliant?

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