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Parental Control App To Secure Your Children Online

Posted on the 27 January 2018 by Rahulthepcl

Every day we read stories about children, who were abused and bullied online, who became victims of various crimes simply by entrusting to strangers and whose mental state changed after getting access to all the cruel websites that have flooded the Internet in the recent years.

Parental Control App To Secure Your Children Online

While we can cope with such situations and filter information, which is transmitted to our cell phones and computers at an enormous speed, our children still need our help and protection not to face all of the harmful influences of the virtual world.
We need to be responsible not only for the physical well-being of our children but also for their social activity and the quality of information they obtain.

What are parental controls?

That is why modern technologies offer parents a chance to use various parental control tools, which are able to monitor your child's activity, browsing history and calls, not depending on time and location. Such software also allows parents to track Also, you can install tracking software on your PC or tablet and use additional features and options to monitor every action your child completes online, not depending on where he or she is. Just download and install the keystrokes, dialogues and all other sorts of information exchange with other web users.
Luckily, the market offers a huge variety of apps to track your child's activity, so you only need to choose the one, which has all the features you are looking for. Just remember that the best tracking tools are Android-based, as Google doesn't have such strict rules, as, for example, Apple.
SMS tracker, add devices and make sure you know where your child is any time you want to check on him.

Your Child's Security? Priceless

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of your child's safety, so you need to use any chance to make sure that he or she is protected not depending on location and time of the day. Using parenting tools will greatly help you on this complicated journey and you will be able to control situation even if you are not around. Most of the
tracking apps use the same pattern and you can choose them according to multiple reviews of other customers. You can also filter such apps according to the price, which greatly differs depending on the services and their quality. For example, some apps will cost you just over $10 per year but the list of options they offer is quite limited.
For a higher price, you will get access to additional features, customized options and a huge quantity of tracked devices you can add. There is always a trial version available, so you can see whether particular app suite your needs.

Web and Social Media Filtering

So how do such apps work? First, they use filtering systems, which adjust to the current browser or are installed on a fresh one. Luckily, you can ask your children to install a new browser without any complications and it will be the best option, as a new browser will give you more opportunities and features to select from.
The default filter will block websites, which content pornography or violence and your children won't be able to access all of the pages with similar content. However, if you want something more, you can personalize filters, add additional keywords and make sure your child doesn't have access to particular websites or even pages!
You can also control your child's social activity by tracking their accounts, like Facebook, Twitter and so on.
Tracking apps give a chance not only to block such websites but also to grant your access to all the conversations, shared photos and files. You will always have a chance to see who your child is talking to and prevent unwanted connections.

Exclusive Android Features

There are lots of additional features, which Android tracking tools provide:

  • Blacklisting various Android apps or the Google Play Store itself;
  • Blocking websites and giving access to them only with your permission;
  • A chance to track child's location, based on GPS or Wi-Fi data;
  • 'Alert' button, which your child can use in case of emergency. Once it is pressed, the signal is sent to a certain list of relatives or friends to notify them that your child needs to be rescued.

Won't Somebody - Think of the Children?

If you want your child to grow up in a safe environment, get access only to health information and communicate with people, who don't want to do him any harm, you must use software, which will help you filter information.

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