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Parent Submission: Magic Wand

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Parent Submission: Magic WandIt's no secret that Daddys are just as crafty as Mummys.  We were thrilled when Australian father of 3, Kieran, sent us an idea to try out.  It's a sparkly magic wand... ok... my version looks more like a magical feather duster (it's on my covet-list don't worry!)
Here's how to make it;
  1. Cut a square of clear contact approximately 10cm x 10cm (3”x3”) and gently peel off the backing, leaving the sticky-side up.
  2. Place a drinking straw in one corner and in the other corner stick feathers, coloured strips of paper, or Kieran suggested fake hair from a coloured wig.
  3. Add sprinkles of glitter, confetti, small pieces of paper, and even sparkle confetti if it’s small enough.
  4. Gentlyroll the clear contact around the straw (starting at the straw side and rolling diagonally.) 
Go on... you've probably got all the materials at home; so try it out, it's perfect for fairies, princesses, and little angels.
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