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Pancake House: Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise

By Joaquin Medina @joaquinigo

Surprise! Now, it ain't no surprise that restaurants will capitalize on all the Cookie Butter hype and put it on everything from donuts to pancakes. Let's see what our local HOP has to offer!

pancake house

Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise, P258.00

Have a taste of deliciously smooth, creamy cookie goodness with our Cookie Butter Designer Pancakes. Indulge on your favorite pancakes paired with scrumptious spreads of Trader Joe's Speculoos Cookie Butter delight. It's a unique and tasty treat perfect to make your day complete.
We have tried the Speculoos stuff and felt it was meh. I think our months-old jar at home has remained mostly untouched since after its first week. We were both curious and skeptical that these would be any good. Curiosity paid off because it was surprisingly good. I thought it might turn out to be too sweet, but I wasn't complaining at all. It was flavorful enough that we barely used the cream and poured maple syrup only for moisture. I did find it to be pricey but I figure it was worth the experience of trying it the first time.

Pancake House: Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise

What else would one order at Pancake House? The last thing on my mind would be fish, but Alvie loves this stuff...

pancake house

Smoked Golden Tinapa, P246.00

Milkfish smoked to golden perfection and served with steamed rice and mango salsa.
I tend to avoid fish for breakfast because I somehow end up with fish breath all morning, no matter how much I brush my teeth. Well, at least this fish was worth it. The bangus was good, flavorful and I don't know.. it felt almost creamy. Not bad at all. The mango salsa was interesting, and went really well with the fish. We even asked for seconds! The egg was normal, but I thought the way it looked over the rice was cool. I can't even transfer a sunny side up from the stove to a plate without breaking the yolk. I think this would have done better with garlic rice (so your breath wouldn't just be fishy, it'd be garlicky fishy!).

Pancake House: Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise

Selfies are hard.

Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise
"Breakfast Anytime" Corner
Cookie Butter Pancakes Surprise: Very Good (for me, just Good for Alvie)
Smoked Golden Tinapa: Very Good (for Alvie, just Good for me)

It was a nice breakfast. Not really a big Pancake House fan but I enjoyed the new pancakes!
By the way, to everyone who loves their spaghetti, try adding Reno (or any other kind, maybe?) Liver Spread to your sauce and you'll get that secret, rich, special taste! ;) They can't fool me!

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