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Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser. Review.

By Natalieroseanne @clutzyprincess
Hey guys! Today I have another product from Green People, but a product from their Organic Young range. Oy! Cleanser, Make Up Remover and Moisturiser is a 3 in 1 product; that has "no gunk" and is all natural goodness.Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser. Review.
Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser. Review. I love the cute, simple packaging from the Oy! range. They are all white, with bright, bold writing.Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser. Review.The Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover and Moisturiser contains Organic Rosehip, Willow Bark, Prebiotics, Green Tea & Mandarin; it is 90% certified organic.The product has a really strong smell, it's really pleasant; although I can't point my finger on which ingredient is the stronger scent. It has an Anti-Acne formula (although this doesn't apply to me, I'm sure it'll be great for many people).The product promotes:
  • A blemish-free complexion
  • Gently cleanses to rid skin of pollutants and make-up
  • Contains Willow Bark & Green Tea to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria
  • Prebiotics work to kill the evil bacteria on your skin and support the good bacteria
  • Suitable for all skin types, even acne-prone skin.

How did I find it?

For a cleanser it worked really well for me. It cleaned my skin up so well, and left it feeling so cleaner and nourished. As a Make-Up Remover I think it is sooo good. It works so good for an overall remover of my make-up, but it definitely surprised me with removing my eye make-up. I usually use separate remover for my eyes, but this actually removed my stubborn mascara so well. I haven't really noticed a different for the moisturiser part, as my skin at the minute is really soft on my face. I know that my skin dries during the changing of seasons, but it hasn't this Autumn - this could be due to using this but I can't say 100% if it definitely has.

Where to get it from?

You can view all of the Oy! product range on the Green People website, by clicking here. The Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser retails at £9.95* for 50ml and you can get it from the Green People website, by clicking here.
Have you tried any of the Oy! products? Are products being organic important to you?
Thank you for reading!
Oy! Cleanser, Make-Up Remover & Moisturiser. Review.

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