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Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 Years

By Princessonfilm @Princessonfilm
Owning A Volkswagen Golf For 3 YearsWay back in November 2015 my step dad had come into some money after he had been working so hard and very long hours to try and raise enough cash for himself to buy himself the car that he ever wanted since he was a teenager, As my mums car was also in need of some TLC and needed a lot of work done to it she decided to get rid of it because it wasn't worth the money and hassle to go and get it fixed. So while my mom was on the look about for a new car my mom was driving my step dad's car for a while why he was on his 4 days off and this was the only time that me and my mom could go out before the car was involved in a nasty accident, The insurance company offered a small settlement fee so my mom could go and get herself a little car  to run about in until she found something more suitable, My mom did managed to find herself a small little car while she was on the way to Dursley one afternoon and she stopped and had a look at it, It was only £1000 and it was just a small Mercedes that was from 99',  I really didn't like the car myself because it was all old and out of date and it didn't even have a CD Player and only a cassette radio with no clock(until we found it in the dashboard). The seats were so uncomfortable when you were driving over speed bumps and every time my mom drove over one you could easily feel the impact and it was horrible experience,
The my mum had originally bout the car she said to me that she really didn't like the car but it was the only car available at the time and easily affordable within her price range at the time, She also said that she wouldn't buy a Mercedes ever again not that model anyway. At time my step dad had bought himself a limited edition Renault Clio that was a lime green color and it only cost him £500 and it was super clean inside and out, Few months down the line my step dad was thinking about getting himself a new car as he always said that he wanted  a BMW X5 and he had been saving for such a long time since he was a teenager and working really long hours that he was able to draw out his pension pot to go and get his dream car, When he had told me that he was getting a BMW i really didn't believe him and i thought it was a Joke but it wasn't. In November 2015 my step dad had spotted a second hand car dealer called Mill House Motors my step dad had gone in there to see what cars was available and to see if they had any BMW X5's and they didn't so my step dad done a deal on a BMW 520 Series and i believe that he had to put down a £500 deposit for the car before he paid the full balance,  My step dad came back home and he had said that he bought a new car and i asked him what one and he said a BMW and i didn't believe him at all because i didn't know where he got all the money from? Anyways my step dad said that he would have to go and pick it up on the second day and also he would have traded in his old car for his new one for a better deal. I asked my step dad if i could come and see the car as i wanted to know what it looked liked and when he had showed me what it was i was totally gobsmacked and i couldn't believe how big it was and also it looked so clean inside and out,
As my step dad was in the office sorting out all the paperwork for the car my mom and I started to look at some cars and she knew that she wanted a new car kinda badly due to the faults and issues that my mom was having with the Mercedes, As my step dad came out of the office and paid for his car my mom asked about some cars and what was the best deals on at the time as she wanted something that was reliable and wouldn't cause any issues for me and my mom as i would also be traveling with her. My step dad said to my mom that i will buy you one for your Christmas box and my mom relied to my step dad no i would rather wait and get something when i get some more money though, My step dad said to my mom  don't worry about OK  it i will buy you a car as you need one.  Then me and my mom walked off into the yard to see what cars were available and to see if there was anything that my mom liked, My mom and I found this horrible Peugeot (and i really hate these cars as they have no power to them at all) and i can remember sitting in it and it was so small and camped inside and i just didn't like it all. The owner of the garage let my mom have a quick test drive to see if she would like it or not and i canremember that the car sounded like there was some issues with it and it sounded like the pistons were falling and it just reminded me of Chitty chitty bang bang, My mom told me that the car was horrible to drive and there was no power to it what so ever and we handed the keys back to find something else,
As the time was getting kinda late my mom and myself was looking all over and there wasn't a car that my mom really liked until i had spotted a Volkswagen Golf in the corner and i said to my mom what about this car? and she replied well i really don't like Golf's because they are kinda low down for me and i would find it kinda hard to get in and out of the car, I relied to my mom and said these cars are one of the best on the market and they have much more power in them then shitty Peugeots and my mom said that i love my Peugeot's cars and they are really cheap and easy to run but i replied to my mom that times have changed and you need something that has a bit more power in and the car will be very easy to sell when you wanna sell it, My mom said well its a lot cheeper then the red Peugeot's that we saw and my mom just took the plunge and tested it out. Me and my mum got the keys and i replied to my mom what do you think of the car then? She replied well it does have better seats plenty of room and a lot of spec on it, I replied to my mom what did i say in the first place? they are much better cars and they will also hold there vale too.  My mom and I had a test drive in the  Golf and we both knew that this was the car for us. My step dad said is that the car that you defiantly want he replied and she said yes! I will leave a deposit now and i will come back in 2 days time to pick the car up once the checks had been carried out and other bits relating to the car.The second that my step dad had got the car i was so excited that i posted the news viva my facebook page that my mom had finally had got a VK golf as they are truly stunning cars and i was so freaking excited, The day finally arrived when we had to go and pick the car up from the garage and i was so happy and glad that the horrible Mercedes was finally going and i was looking forward to be sitting in a car with better seats, My step dad had made the final payment for the car and while we were waiting until we could drive home in it i had actually took a seat in the car to see if i would be able to drive it as i was originally planning to pass my test in this car and then have the car transferred into my name but sadly due to my disabilities and learning difficulties i wouldn't be able to drive it due to it being a manual witch is a total shame as i was looking forward to owning this as my first car as they are really easy cars to drive and the clutch is kinda easy to use.
When myself and my mom got into the car to go home she knew that this car had a lot of power as she could feel it when she pressed the accelerator down and this car was fast indeed, This car would be so much better for carrying passengers myself and shopping in the huge boot that it has, The ride is really soft and smooth and you cannot hear the engine at all when you start it up only the fuel injectors (as it is a fuel injector car) the seats are really easy to adjust and also you can higher them up and down with a press of a button with easy access to it also had a steering wheel adjustment as well with is a really good feature if i wanted to drive it at any point, There are also loads of extras in the car including a full CD MP3 radio where you can connect your iPod in and listen to your music from there (this only applies to the iPod mini) and also it has got a computer in the dashboard that tells you all about your tires, time, weather , headlights & more and it also had steering wheel buttons to use for the dashboard computer and controlling the radio and cd player while your driving.
I was so happy that my mom finally gave in and had the car now as it is one of the best cars that she has ever owned but she doesn't think so, she still prefers her  Peugeot's and i said mom these are shit cars and they don't contain any power to them and if you had a golf vs. a Peugeot what car would win? she replied the golf and i said there you go you have just answered you own question there, My mom has driven a lot of cars though her lifetime and she said this is one the most powerful cars that she has ever driven and she was super happy with the car and she has driven it nearly everywhere since we bought it 3 years ago. The car in question is a 2004 / 2005 Volkswagen Golf MK5 1.6 FSI (Don't ask me what this stands for) i believe it has a fuel injection engine as when the car stars i can here the injections kicking in so i could be right but i am not to sure,

I am still pretty shocked that my mom has kept the car and has looked after it then her previous cars and i have also told her to look after it with great care as they are worth something, This little hatchback for this car has so much power in it and i just cannot believe that they are incredibly fast, 

I had asked my mom one day to take it down on the motorway as we were visiting someone in Cheltenham i believe it was my auntie who wasn't well at the time and i said lets see how fast it really does shift and stretch it legs a bit. My mom had managed to get into 6 gear (witch is for thecursing) and i believe she reached over 85 - 90MPH as she couldn't go any faster due to our speeding limits and it was so quick when pulling away i just couldn't believe my eyes when she managed to get this speed out of a small hatchback, I really don't know for sure how fast these Golfs go as we cannot test them on our roads but they are quick cars to drive.I had told my mom for a really long time to get a Golf as they are really reliable cars and they have tonne of extras inside them(depends on what model you have) and you easy customize the cars inside and out including the radio and the interior design of the whole car at a really reasonable price, The ride in the car is fantastic and ever since i have sat in it i have never had any issues with my back and it is like someone is hugging me when i am sat in them its lovely and soft and easy to adjust with no hassle what so ever. I have also sat in a lot of car seats in my entire life and nothing compares a seat in a Volkswagen they are one of the best brands in the market and they know what customers what in a car inside and out,My step dad took a drive in the car as my mom thought that there was something wrong with the gearbox as it was crunching when she placed into 2nd gear but when my step dad took it up the road it was fine, I really don't like my step dad driving my my mum's car as he is very easily to cause a accident and damage to the car due to his very bad driving habits as he likes to rev them up to high when they don't start and also floors it and this sometimes makes me really uncountable when you are causing this much damage to a car and it isn't right. Even my step dad said that his BMW shifts faster then the golf and he said that i prefer my car then my mums and i said at the end of the day it was your choice and you picked the car at the end of the day so look after it and maintain it when i spoken to him on the 3rd day of having the car, I was so happy that my mom was driving around in something that was more reliable and everyone on the road had some sort of Golf and i couldn't believe that she was showing it of to my uncle and saying everything to him about it, I was really uncomfortable when my mom let my uncle drive it down the road as his driving habits are even worse then my step dads and i told my mom not to let him drive it as he could do some serious damage to the car and did my mom listen to me Nope! and i lost my temper and i nearly told him to get out of the car and let my mom drivLucky i escaped without being hurt and even the car too witch was a slight relief.

The car hasn't even effected us in any way at all and as me and mom are disabled we can sometimes have the odd issue getting in and out of the car and my mom is the one that finds is hard getting into the drivers set and she has figured this out buy using a pillow for extra support witch helps her in a really good way and doesn't cause my mom any pain at all, The sound system in the car is very good and it does go really loud and plays cd's very well without any problems what so ever! I was a bit gutted when the car didn't have a sat nav in there as some MK5 Golfs had the sat nav in them and this would of been really ideal for my mom as she gets lost all the time and theres the huge boot witch is one of my favourites on the car as you open it with the VK logo and i think its really good and a genius idea, As we have had the car now for over 3 years now we haven't found anything seriously wrong with the car only when the heating stopped working as it was due to a electrical fault that cost over £1000 and now the CD player has stopped working and my mom is planning to get a proper full sat nav and with CD and radio as i have found out that the whole unit is gonna cost more then what it its worth so we are planning to do this very soon!

I am so happy that my step dad was able to get my mom this dream car that i had wanted her to get for a very long time and without his hard working and saving is money up for a long time we wouldn't have it today and it was so kind of him to buy the car for my mom to drive on a daily basics,When i pass my test i will also be having a Volkswagen but mine is gonna be the Golf GTI as i love something that is more sporty and has the extra more power in them.
I would highly recommend buying a Volkswagen as they are really good reliable cars and will last you a lifetime and they have tonnes of extras inside them as well.
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