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Overcoming a Week of Suck

By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Hi friends, Happy Friday!  I hope you are all having a good week.  I have to admit, I was looking forward to Friday all week-long because I am now on vacation until Tuesday morning.  This week all around was a tough one for me.  I am forever dubbing this week my “week of suck.”  I try to not let days, experiences, things get me down, or at least for too long, but it seemed like at every turn this week, I was faced with an obstacle.  Couple that with being stressed to get my Mom’s test results to see if she is still in remission and it was a recipe for disaster.  Now, let me start off by saying I KNOW that there are many people who are going through things that are WAY, WAY worse, and this is exactly what I tell myself pretty much anytime something in my life doesn’t go the way I want it to.  I totally get that and that is usually how I stay grounded and thankful for all the truly WONDERFUL things I have in my life.  I know it’s just a bad week and not a bad life, but this week got the better of me and I am not afraid to admit that.  I’m only human.

It's just a bad Week, not a bad Life

The week started off with multiple fights with our contractor.  We hired a company to tear down our old deck and rebuild us a new deck.  Simple right?  So we thought.  We laid out exactly what we wanted with dimensions, the look, things that were important to us, etc.  We provided print outs of the exact look, etc.  We over communicated the entire time to ensure we got exactly what we wanted.  Well, things never go as planned and while the deck came out nice, not 100% perfect, but what is really 100%? Here is what it looks like.

deck collage

Not too bad, right?  Like I said, it looks good.  However, throughout the process there were MANY mistakes that we had to address and have them fix so our one week project is going on a month.  Additionally, while in the process of doing the deck, they messed up our electrical system and at different points over the past week, we had no water and no electricity in our house.  It has led to multiple electricians at the house, so much time spent waiting around for things to get fixed and multiple conversations with the contractor over this and other issues that were not taken care of (such as picking up all the nails and screws ALL OVER our yard) that are a hazard to our dog and child.  All things we discussed were critical to us when we hired them for the job and we were promised would not be an issue.  This all culminated with a late night phone call on Monday where Robyn (my level-headed, easy-going husband) got on  the phone and called the contractor out on every single issue we have had with them and all the things that are still left to be fixed.  Listening to him take charge like that was fun to watch, especially because the contractor kept trying to talk around the issues and Robyn kept calling his B.S.  However, we are still without power in some parts of our house and the deck is still not finished.

On Tuesday it was my Dad’s birthday.  He would have been 67.  It’s been almost 4 years since he died and this day still brings me to tears.  Even writing this took a few tries and kept me reaching for the Kleenex.  It was a tough day all around for me.

Wednesday I worked from home because I had to bring my sweet Morgan to the vet for an echo-cardiogram.  Last week I brought him to the vet because he started to cough a lot and was up all night on Wednesday night coughing and struggling to breathe.  After a lot of x-rays, we learned his lungs were completely full of liquid and his heart was enlarged, which led us to this appointment.   Well, after being at the vet’s for almost 3 hours, with strong words given to a very rude vet tech, we now know that Morgan is deep into congestive heart failure and he has a leaky mitral valve.  There isn’t much they can do for him other than medicate him and hope he responds well enough to the medicine for now to keep him comfortable. We have to keep him quiet and out of stressful situations.  Thankfully, even with a toddler, our house is very quiet.  We know our time with him is limited (likely only a few months at best) and this breaks my heart more than I can get express and hearing Ashton say “Hi Doggy, give you hug” and then turn to me and say “Mama, doggy sick” is almost too much right now.

On Thursday, I spent the entire day putting out fires and trying to get ready for a big conference that will take me to Chicago for 5 days at the end of next week.  Nothing too terrible, but the culmination of this week’s events are weighing me down a bit so it feels harder than it should. I will say though that I had an incredible vinyasa yoga class that put a big smile on my face and teaching my Group Power class at night ended the day on a great note.

So, friends, that was my week in a nutshell.  My workouts are getting done, but not with my usual tenacity and focus.  To say I have a lot on my mind is an understatement.  I have totally fallen behind on reading and commenting on all you awesome bloggers, but I hope to get caught up soon.

I am also hoping this long weekend is good for the soul.  With that, I started my vacation off with a super sweaty workout this morning and I am off to get my hair done now and then get my car inspected. I am working hard to turn around my “week of suck”.  I AM going to make today ridiculously amazing, because really…I know it could be a million times worse.

make today ridiculously amazing


Question of the day

Have you ever had a week of suck?  What did you do to make it better?

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