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Our Trip to Puerto Rico

By Mary615 @MaryLucilleHyat
I am going to write a blog about our trip to Puerto Rico.  My daughter, Holly, and my Granddaughter, Tiffany, had planned this trip for weeks.  We had our trip all planned and reservations made through Orbitz.
Our reservation included plane fare and at the Marriott right on the beach.  We planned our daily activities to be able to go to all the places in Puerto Rico that we could pack into six days.
 It took a lot of effort for them to juggle their schedule in order to made this trip.  I arranged to have my Granddaughter, Brianna (and her new baby, Addy) come and house sit while I was away. 
Holly took a week off from work, and Tiffany arranged her school and work so she could go.  I'm retired, so I could go anytime.  We were so excited!  Then along came Hurricane Irene.  She swept right through Puerto Rico, doing a lot of damage along the way.  She was supposed to come straight to South Florida where we live.  Lots of preparation had to be done.  We've been through these storms before and we know that Florida Power and Light will put us without power.  I became very anxious and worried because:  first of all, I didn't want to leave my Grandson, my Granddaughter, my Great Granddaughter, and our two dogs here at home with no electricity, and what was the point of going to Puerto Rico if all the attractions were closed for cleanup after the storm had passed?
I decided we just should postpone our trip.  Well, Holly and Tiffany were very disappointed to say the least!
I called Orbitz and they cancelled our trip with the exception of the air line tickets.  We would just loose the money we spent on  those.
Well, Irene missed us, thank goodness, but did considerable damage to Puerto Rico.  From what I could find on Twitter and the news from Puerto Rico, roads were washed out, there was debris all over their beautiful white beaches, and most attractions were closed.  Irene went on up the East coast and caused a lot of damage.  Even the city that never sleeps, New York, came to a halt.  In face, there were people from the North that were stranded in Puerto Rico because of the airports being closed in New York.
After the threat passed, I discovered through Twitter and the news that Puerto Rico was up and everything was back to normal.  All the attractions were open and the weather was perfect. I called the Marriott in San Juan, and the lady there told me that the National Guard had swept into action, and had everything cleared up and running within 5 days.  She said to come on; the weather is ideal.  So, guess what?  We decided to go ahead with our plans.  I called Orbitz and got everything reserved again.  We even got the same room at the Marriott.
I'm sitting here writing this as we prepare to fly out of Ft. Lauderdale Tuesday, August 30.  I intend to post to this blog as we travel in Puerto Rico so that all our of friends can join up on our trip.  I'm hoping to take some really great photos to share, but we'll have to wait and see about that!
Let's go to Puerto Rico!!!!!!!!!!!!

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