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Still Hoping to Return to Rincon, Puerto Rico

By Mary615 @MaryLucilleHyat
STILL HOPING  TO RETURN TO RINCON, PUERTO RICOI have spent a lot of time researching my wish to return to Puerto Rico.  My goal was to be there for the coming Winter months.   My biggest problem is money.  When I went there for a vacation, we stayed at the beautiful Marriott on the beach in San Juan.  That was part of an exclusive package deal that Expedia put together for us.  The total price  included the hotel and airfare from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  That really was a bargain and I would certainly recommend a package such as this.
When I checked out the area around Rincon, it was on a Sunday.  I saw lots of apartments in town for rent, but couldn't contact anyone regarding the price.  Now, I wish I had gone on a week day.  I had a good feeling about Rincon.   Even though it's mainly a surfing town (and I don't surf), I really like it. 
There is an airport in Aquadilla which is only about 45 minutes away.  That was another plus for me.  I didn't bother going further away from San Juan or Aquadilla because I want to be near an airport.  I just feel better for some reason.  If my friends or family want to come and visit, it would be easier, and less expensive, if I were near an airport.  In the back of my mind, I always like to know I have a quick exit if I need one!
After spending all this time on the Internet looking for affordable housing, I am discouraged about returning.I only need a furnished room in a home, or a Studio Apartment.  I get excited when I find a place that lists the rent as $100.00; then I find out that price is per night, not per week.  Where I live rooms rent for $100.00 a week!
So, at this point I am discouraged, but determined.  I will keep researching, and hopefully will find something I can afford.  I'll keep you posted.  WISH ME LUCK.

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