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Our Mount Kinabalu Climb

By Penelope83
I thought I'd share with you some pictures of my recent Mount Kinabalu Climb. My dad, husband and I went just after spending Chinese New Year in Kuching, Sarawak with my relatives.
The majority of the climb was in horrible pouring rain, but we managed to take pictures during the rare moments where it was dry.
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
Us at the beginning of the climb. 'Selamat Mendaki' means 'Happy Mountaineering'.
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
A beautiful waterfall along the way.

Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
I absolutely adore greenary. Well, nature in general.

Our Mount Kinabalu Climb My dad and I in the early stages of the climb. It was just starting to rain.
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb The further up you get, the larger the difference in vegetation.
Our Mount Kinabalu ClimbLodgings halfway up the climb. I don't know why my husband took a pic of this one rather than the one we stayed in. Ours was tiny compared to this and made this one look positively luxurious.
Our Mount Kinabalu ClimbWe woke up at 2:30am the next day so we could reach the summit before sunrise. I reached the summit an hour before sunrise so sat the shivering in the dark for quite a while!
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
The wait was worth it. Once the sun started coming out, I realised just how spectacular the view was.
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
I have to say that sadly our most spectacular pictures are terribly blurry, as my husband forgot to take it off manual focus!
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
My husband, on our descent.
Our Mount Kinabalu Climb
I can't believe I passed all this beautiful scenery in the dark on the way up.
Our Mount Kinabalu ClimbGoing back down was great fun.
Our Mount Kinabalu ClimbThere were no more pictures after this as it started to rain heavily. So we decided to leg it back to base camp rather than suffer a minute longer getting drenched in the rain!
All in all a really good climb. I'm truly proud of all the natural sights my country has to offer. I've spent my childhood hiking in the rainforest and visiting the beaches and caves, so it was really nice to view a whole different kind of scenery.

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