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Our Favourite Spot

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
Our Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotOur Favourite SpotIf you read my latest outfit post (here) I got my mom on board to take some outfit posts at my favorite location. Above are a few extra pictures of us having fun. This really is a unique spot, its a mesmerising and well maintained wooded area, If you walk a little further out follow the dirt path you will come across this lake/pond with these awesome wooden piers which stretch quite far into the water. It's a magical place because its centred right in the middle of a busy town, Yet its so quiet and peaceful. Ewan loves it here too - he gets to run around like a headless chicken and I get to watch him explore. We come here all year round whatever the weather. 
Taking pictures of Ewan here wasn't that easy, he's so on the go that getting him to stop for a photo is near on impossible. So usually they are action shots of him running - then sometimes you will find me running far ahead of him just so I can get a picture of his face. Im lucky that there is some green land left like this in my hometown and something that I can share with Ewan as he grows up - It's definitely our favorite place. where is your favorite place to go? Take care Leigh xx

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