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Our Favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Fibers @fibers

We love t-shirts and we love TV! We especially love it when our favorite TV Shows feature awesome t-shirts. So here’s a round of the best tv t-shirts of all time.

1. The IT Crowd – This somewhat obscure geeky, British, sit com is simply brilliant and the Character of Roy rarely wears the same t-shirt more than once and they are most often completely awesome. The thing I love about about the IT Crowd is you really have to be a true Geek to get 74.6% of the references through out the show, including most of Roy’s shirts. Here’s my favorite clip:

The IT Department gets a new manager who knows nothing about computers, so when she wins employee of the month and has to give a speech to the share holders about her area of expertise the guys help her out with a visual aid. Roy’s shirt in this scene is impossible to find, it’s some sort of an Alien comic, if you know where it came from or what it means, let me know.

One of Roy’s favorite t-shirts is the Orange TV shirt, he wears it in multiple episodes and since we couldn’t find it anywhere we recreated it for Fibers.com. Check out most of Roy’s shirts at IT Crowd Shirts. We’re also working on an extensive infographics featuring about 98% of Roy’s t-shirts, with links to where you can procure the threads.

Our favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

2. Community – The delightfully quirky character of Abed is always wearing a funny new t-shirt. Unlike Roy, who sports loads of super geeky shirts, both illustrated and just text, Abed’s collection consists mostly of highly graphic illustrated tees. You can see most of them on Worn On TV.

Here’s Abed in a shirt from Threadless.

Our favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

3. Modern Family – Alex and Luke love Threadless! They are always wearing cool graphic tees from the design community. Even Uncle Cam has a cool shirt every now and again, like this Treble Clef t-shirt he wears in last week’s episode. Get one similar on Fibers.com!

Our favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

Our favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

4. The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Cooper is always wearing a t-shirt, mostly super hero or striped. He wears so many t-shirts we took the liberty of organizing them into a handy Sheldon Cooper t-shirt wearing habit infographic. Worn On TV has tracked down a lot of the t-shirts to buy, and we also have a couple available, like this 73 T-Shirt Sheldon wears referencing his own theory about 73 being the best number ever.

Our favorite TV Shows for T-Shirts

Click for the full graphic.

What’s your favorite TV show for t-shirt inspiration? What TV character do you most dress like? Are you a heavily artsy graphic t-shirt lover or a pithy text t-shirt junky?

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