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Origin and History of Valentine’s Day

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Everyone knows about the Valentine’s day but not many know where it was originated and why.

This romantic day we call Valentines is the name of the Christian saint martyr back in the 5th century. Although according to the history Channel it has many other unproven origins, the legend has it that Valentine send the first love card to the young girl he fell in love with while in jail. The story goes that Valentine falls in love with the daughter of his jailor while she visited him during his confinement. He performed a miracle and cured her blind eyes. The first signed love letter stating “Your Valentine’ was at the time of his death to his love.

Valentine was a christian priest thrown in prison by the roman empire and was beheaded on February 14th.

Before Valentine, Roman celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The young men chose the name of women to escort them to the feast on February 15th. After the introduction to the Christianity, the feast was move over to February 14th and renamed under the saint name of Valentine.

Valentine day history

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The following are some tips and options for making a valentine’s day a romantic and memorable day for couples.

Each year, on February 14th, couples exchange gifts with their special valentine’s date. Everyone plans differently to show their romance;

- Dinner date:

Either cooking a romantic dinner with your partner and enjoy it over a dimmed candle light and a soft music or making a reservation at a nearby restaurant, is all about spending the quality romance time with the partner.

- Gift exchange:

Candies, Valentine’s romantic cards, chocolate, and a teddy bears are among the most selected gifts in Valentine’s day. I suggest to steer away from anything which your partner can read into other than romance. For instance, I wouldn’t give my partner a toaster or a counter oven for Valentine!

- Full day spa treatments:

If you have the budget this full day of spa and relaxation can bring many couple closer to spend a relaxing full day enjoying the serenity of each other.

- A romantic wine tour and hotel:

Reserve a historic hotel with fireplace near by the vineyard and arrange a full day romance and adventure in wine world.

- Reserve a valentine’s cooking class:

Many reputable cooking classes offer private couple class for Valentine’s day. This can turn into a beautiful and romantic foodie day.

Regardless which geographical location it is, whether warm or cold climate, planning for valentine is about celebrating the true love and romance. Valentine should be celebrated through the year and love for the partner must be appreciated every minute. Have a lovely Valentine’s day and stay full of romance.

Origin and history of Valentine’s Day
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Origin and history of Valentine’s Day
Origin and history of Valentine’s Day
Origin and history of Valentine’s Day
Origin and history of Valentine’s Day
Origin and history of Valentine’s Day

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