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Opening Day Of GOP Debates...Political Spectacles Without Political Substance

Posted on the 08 August 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
~~ "Make 'em laugh! Make 'em laugh! Don't you know everyone wants to laugh!!" ~~ Need a laugh? 'really' is good for your soul...and the Republican Party, will never let you down!!
The GOP's Great American Clown Challenge opened to its 1st installment of their latest rendition of what is commonly known elsewhere as Political Debates...and keeping with recent Party tradition, Debate Numero Uno had all the Batshit Madness we all came to expect, hear, and watch...2 hours of political horseshit, ad hominem propaganda, egotistical self-centered political trash talk machismo, with all the sprinkles of your typical Dumbo Xenophobia, Homophobia, and a giant excess overdose of sheer Dumbness...a night of Insults and Republican Misogyny in all its grandeur!
2 hours of Political Sound-bytes, used standard political cliché, lies, lies, and more lies, (primarily from The Donald) and absurd comical exercise in Political Buffoonery with 10 characters vying for the Loudest Sound-byte of the Night! It's all about the sound-bytes...substance? screw substance! who needs it in the GOP, anyway? there hasn't been any substance coming out of the Republican Party since the Dumbos cut their Cojones off and wrapped their Tails between their legs, when their affinity for the taste of "Tea", began! Trump is the darling of the GOP minions...where is his substance on any political policies? The horseshit that flows out of adult professionals' mouths, is simply incredible!...and all just to exploit and attract your vote...there's something terribly indecent about that. At least the record breaking Fox viewers were impressed with absolutely nothing, as they usually are...all others watched John Stewart's last Daily Show, instead.
For whatever is worth, 2 hours of comic relief would have been a little more exciting if they would've dropped John Kasich, who probably felt like another Jon Huntsman, and Ben Carson who's just there as the GOP's 2016 Token prop...a Chinaman has a better chance than Dr. Ben. In their place stick in Sarah and Michelle. Yea! yea! yea! they're not even running...but, does it matter? they're good show! much better entertainment than anyone in the Happy Hour Debate...besides, 9 of these Clowns are going to get "Chopped" anyhow!! 
How many of them really have a chance? 17 assholes in search of the golden ticket to pick up the baton and gloriously carry on where the last two previous losers, John McCain and Mitt Romney left off. 17 idiots humiliating each other, their families...and themselves in the process...for the title of the 2016 Republican Presidential Loser, again!!
What was this debate all about? Sound-bytes! Without any plans, without any substance of a policy or two...the sound byte is the winner. Sensationalize when all the real answers are not on your side. 1) “It’s time that we…protect children instead of rip up their body parts and sell them like they’re parts to a Buick..”  2) “The military is not a social experiment. The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things,” Mike Huckabee. “We will not defeat radical Islamic terrorism so long as we have a president unwilling to utter the words: ‘Radical. Islamic. Terrorism.’” Ted Cruz “To honor the people that died in Iraq, we need to...we need to...stop the Iran agreement, for sure, because the Iranian Mullahs have their blood on their hands” Jeb Bush. No Jeb, it's your Bro my boy! It's Dubya...along with 'his' real boss, Dick Chaney...who are the ones with all the blood on their hands! How many American Presidents have been charged with War Crimes by an International Court?? Sensationalism, Ad Hominem, or in the case of the Trumpster; Rudeness, Disrespect, and Insults...on when it’s acceptable to call women trumps, slobs, and disgusting animals; “Only Rosie O’Donnell".
A serious Political Debate? When all the arguments and summations support your opponent, after 8 years of trying to deny a Presidency while accomplishing absolutely nothing to show for in Congress, and yet after 2 Presidential Campaigns where the GOP got their asses kicked pretty badly, they are still without any viable alternative policies of their own. Substance? They live or die by the almighty Sound-Byte! assessment of the Freak Show? Where are and what are the official policies written by the RNC on all political issues and subjects? or even where are the official policies endorsed by each individual candidate? In the words of Walter Mondale; "WHERE'S THE BEEF!!
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