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Oops!.....Coming for a Ride?

By Melmeko @melmeko

To coincide with my last blog, Serious Skin Care, I mentionedthat in my next blog I would reveal my ‘top secret’, personalised skin careprogram; just between us of course ;) My plan is to disclose the weapons (products)I have chosen for my targeted anti-ageing skin care arsenal (mentioned here),based on performance and efficacy, by virtue of my own personal trials andtribulations. I will also outline exactly how I’ve incorporated these productsinto my own simple but devout regime and while I am at it, I might just throwin a few usage tips too :)
Well, after spending the majority of the weekend working onmy line-up, it’s only just dawned on me, that there is no way on earth, that Icould possibly even contemplate fitting all of that into the one blog, oops! :-O  So, what I am now going to have do, is post ina series of consecutive blogs, starting with Cleansers then Toners etc etc,until I work my way through my whole skin care program.
Oops!.....Coming for a ride?While my weekly skin care regime is fairly basic, well at least from my perspective, hehe, when I started to put itall down in writing, I was soon enough awoken to the fact, this was not going to pan out as planned, uh oh :-0, Compiling the list of every product I use, each featuring a little run-downof it’s purpose, as well as any tips and thoughts etc, it turns out that thereis actually quite a lot of work involved, LOL :D  
Consider this a part of my learning experience when it comes to blogging,hehe.  I have now come to realize that I havea long way to go before I will fully understand the complexity of it all.  Hopefully, if you are willing, you won’t mindcoming along for the ride with me, as I venture into the journey of life as ablogger ;)Image courtesy of

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