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Only Read This If You Like Running, Cocktails and the Outdoors

By Brisdon @shutuprun
How's your week going? Splendid over here.
I'm slowly reintroducing my body back to running and it's going surprisingly well. I've had some really peppy and decent runs since Paris and am getting my groove back. Even though Colorado is entering into a snowstorm this weekend (WTF?), it's starting to feel like spring and I'm loving the thought of summer running (shorts! water fountains! sweating like a mother eff'er!).

Only Read This if You Like Running, Cocktails and the Outdoors

Definitely glistening

Speaking of summer -
I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that you, my readers, like the same things I do.
  • Running
  • Open bars 
  • Good food
  • Being Outside
  • Like minded people
  • Peeing in the woods (optional)

Even if you only like 3 or 4 of these things, we still have a lot in common. That's why I wanted to entice you to join me on an adventure.
Only Read This if You Like Running, Cocktails and the Outdoors

I didn't come up with the concept, but my friend, Bill, did. You see, Bill is a retired American long distance runner. In 1991 he was ranked the second road racer in the world by "Runner's World" magazine. In 1985, he finished in second place in the Honolulu Marathon, with a 2:14:39. Bill might not still be competing, but he still has a love for all things running and for runners. That's why he created this camp.
The concept is simple - spend a long weekend in thetypical camp experience - doing outdoorsy things like zip lining, ropes courses, running, dodge ball, even floating on a flying trapeze (or just sleeping if that's your thing). Listen to motivating guest speakers. Sleep in cabins. Enjoy fantastic meals including mimosa/bloody Mary brunches. All meals are included and there will be an open bar every day beginning in the afternoon and continuing through the late night s'mores/campfire. 
Wait! Did someone say "flying trapeze?" No joke, this is part of the camp. Definitely a bucket list item for me.
This is an all inclusive weekend. Leave your electronics and wallet at home.
If you liked summer camp as a kid, you will probably love this. If you are me and you never went to summer camp (truth), then you're curious what it's about and get a re-do on your childhood only without homesickness and creepy camp counselors.
Only Read This if You Like Running, Cocktails and the Outdoors
Who? You, friends, family (21+ years) What? Camp Runabout Where? Pocono Mountains When? September 21-24 Why? Duh How? Register HERE Get $25 off when you use promo code BETH2017 You can find tons more info on the website which can be found HERE. Be sure to check out the FAQs. 
Don't delay. I have a feeling this is going to fill up fast.
Let me know if you have questions. I think this is going to be one epic time.
Did you go to summer camp as a kid? No. Wasn't something my family did. Always wondered if I might be missing out. Time to find out.

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