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Ongoing Road Blockade Against Mining in Sweden

Posted on the 01 August 2013 by Earth First! Newswire @efjournal
Ongoing Road Blockade Against Mining in SwedenCross Posted from Earth First UK

Right now there is a battle against mining in Sapmi, north of Sweden, going on. We have barricaded the road leading to the site where Beowulf Mining Plc. want to make test mines. This is the Sami peoples lands stolen by the Swedish state and colonized since way back. We stand in solidarity with indigenous culture and fight against the mega-machine of mining. The Swedish police are now on the site removing obstacles to help the mining corporation proceed. At least 6 people have been arrested already but protests are still going on. For five days the police have this special mission to help the evil corporation, that’s why we need people now!

This is a strategic battle, if the resistance to the mine is strong enough Beowulf will not be able to sell the mining site to another corporation (which is their plan). There is a security radius of 150m from the test pits, if people are inside those the corporation are not able to detonate explosives. How far is this corporation ready to go? Are they ready to blow people up to get their ore? We don’t know but we are ready to die to stop them. Solidarity protests, new warriors, prayers, actions and whatever you can imagine to help is/are welcome!

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Ongoing Road Blockade Against Mining in Sweden

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