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Onesie Warehouse

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
Onesie WarehouseYes, that is me looking like a tellytubbie but what can I say, I am not ashamed as I am so in love with my onesie. Everyone and their mom seems to be obsessed with onesie's and I wanted to join in on the fun so when Onesie Warehouse tweeted that they were looking for bloggers to review one for them, I of course leapt at the the chance.
I have had mine for about two weeks now and if I am at home not doing anything else this is what I will be wearing, unless it's in the wash of course.
It is a footless onesie with a hood and is made out of a hoody type material. It is quite fluffy inside which shed quite a bit before I washed it the first time, so it might be worth washing it before wearing it.
I have washed it several times now and it hasn't shrunk which I am pleased with. (I had one a few years ago that shrunk and I can you tell that wasn't pleasant experience putting that on)
It keeps you very warm, I have sat in the garden in the evening while everyone else is wearing coats and have been comfortably warm in this.So if you are one of these people that feels the cold, you would love it.
Overall a really good quality onesie that I am so pleased with. I even plan to buy my mom one as she is always moaning she's cold. This is one of the plain onesies but they come in loads of different patterns. You can pick this one up for £20 here.
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