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One Step Ahead of Reality.

By Nightskyarts @nightskyarts
   Hello all and welcome(back) to our new post. I wish I could have more time and post more often but,.. oh well you know how it works. So in this post I'd like to talk about editing your pictures. It's a lot to talk about in one post, now as we talk about editing as you might remember (or not) Mia does it all so I'll be writing it on her behalf. What we use to edit our pictures? Now there are tons of editing tools out there, some are better than the others some are simple some are just too complicated and take years and lots of time to get familiar with and of course we always look at the prices most importantly for how long you are planing on using it. My answer is simple Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 nova days anyone heard of it and what can be done using this superb editing tool.
One step ahead of reality.
Like I mentioned there are lots of ways and styles to edit your pictures and one post will not be suficiente. In this post you gonna see so called "Dodge and Burn technique" High End Retouch on Beauty shots that will allow you to keep the quality (pixels) and does not "destroy" your image.
One step ahead of reality.
Now, don't think that once you learn you just blink and there it's done. It's far away to be true. It takes hours of work tons of patience because what you do you zoom in so close you can see pixels on a high res picture pixel by pixel making your way up.
One step ahead of reality.
I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time. Until then you can check us on facebook.come/NightSkyArts or instagram. Peace and blue sky (and a piece of ocean) to you!

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