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Buh Bye, 2014...

By Nightskyarts @nightskyarts
  Hello everyone, it's been so long I'm wondering if  I shell introduce myself again? Well, call me a stranger if you will. I just felt like writing something and the moment is right so why not, huh? What a year, I mean WOW I hope you had one even better just because you follow my thoughts. Okay so where did I left off? Thinking... shell I mention the weather? Anyways it's great (mostly) but after living in Seattle the rain seems to be part of me (or not) in any case I don't mind it on the other hand. Photography been so great it just sucks I cant show you most of our work but I hope one day you'll get to see it. By the way, if you don't follow me (or Mia)  on instagram please do (@vladdimir and @lablondeb) sometimes a picture can substitute the whole post.  Oh yeah it's time for a picture....Booya
Buh Bye, 2014...
Amazing, isn't it? I tell ya there are so many of them and I'll try to catch up, day, someday...anyways.
So I'm a daddy know and a lot of you know that now. It's a great feeling and I will not try to describe it, trust me it's nothing in the world you ever felt especially when that lil'man farts like a grownup heh, I got so many pictures of him (Baby Aiden) again I hope I'll be able to post at least some and soon. Let's continue with the Photography part, I visited so many amazing places   and meet so many awesome people.
Buh Bye, 2014...
  I love this picture of me cough-in-action my left hand automatically wants to adjust the focus on that toy-camera funny moments.
Buh Bye, 2014... 
#MiFamilia. The Originals just my older sis  is missing (sadface)
I hear a lot of people talking about their #Resolutions and I'm so sure I'll see twice as much people at my local gym for at least 2 weeks then it's gonna get back to usual, just one thing about it, if you want to do something (new) don't wait for a new year, don't wait for the 1st or THE Monday, hell don't even wait for tomorrow live in the moment go get it. Less war (if no war is possible) more peace, more vegies less meat (if not meat is possible), more smiles and less violence.  I wish ya all a Happy New Year, all the best wishes and regards sending your way. I thank you back for all the wishes and emails I get all the support and I'm sorry sometimes a can't even "like-back" on istagram I'm trying to stay away as far as I can from social media(s) and all the technology around us, excluding work, but I'll try to stay in touch. Grab all the great people into 2015 and all THE unneeded leave in 2014. Party on, be good and be safe.
Buh Bye, 2014...P.S what started up roughly ended up being the best year of my life.

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