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Bye, Winter,...and Hello There, Sexy Spring.

By Nightskyarts @nightskyarts
Well hello everyone, guess who is here again? Yeah I know I kind of fell of blogger again, but that's not the case. So what you all been up to? I just hope everyone is just fine, more than that the spring is here or at least on our calendars and in our hearts. Even though half of the US expecting snow storms, you know what they say "help spring to get here, eat more snow" not the yellow one tho =) Moving forward it snowed in Atl this winter more than that it snowed 2 times, HOLY MOLLY it was crazy. Abandoned cars, hit-and-runs, people walking along the side on the highway and yet it was beautiful, you don't get to see snow in Atlanta much/often.    
Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring. Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring. I do remember that Tuesday when it started to snow with the big/huge snowflakes and guess what went trough our minds? You are so right, "Let's go get some pictures done" so we jumped in the car without any second thoughts, fools. Still, we made our way towards Atlantic Station to capture that beauty of Downtown Atlanta. Hitting some traffic but thinking it worth it and it took us about 10h to get back, the highway looked like apocalyptic movie of people trying to get out of infected city and us on FWD and still we got stuck on an uphill road and thanks God we didn't hit anyway or got hit either and we had to walk home trough that snow and cold while I was dressed good Mia was on high heels, but she still was walking faster than me and I say it did worth looking at the pictures we manage to take trough that snow. 
Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring.Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring.  If you follow Mia on instagram or on her BLOG you saw more pictures of what I'm talking about, speaking of photography, be careful with your gear in the cold weather and snow of course. As you can see on the picture there are snow flakes, if you want the same you should use slower shutter speed and the rest is all about you and who/what you take picture of. Again try covering your camera as the snow will melt and you know what gonna happen next. Even your lens might get wet and you don't want that either. Once you back from outside/cold, keep your camera in the bag for an hour or so, then you can use it.  Bye, winter,...and Hello there, sexy spring.
   As we kiss goodbye to this cold winter looking forward to spring and it's beauty and be sure to capture that. Keep cold outside your hearts and be kind to one another. I'll see you soon.

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