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One Small Glass of Mango Juice for Breakfast

By Rachel
I was reading a book recently about the worst drink in the country, they are way to many to name but if you'd like to know, go buy Drink This Not That! it is quite informative, easy to read and the way it is presented is simply fun. But I am writing this post today to rave, rave about a new drink I just tried the other day which left me pouring one glass after another. (but I must be careful, too much of a good thing...) So one small glass of Mango juice each morning is enough to start my day with a smile. Mango nectar. I love mangos to begin with and if you do as well, you will definitely enjoy drinking this juice. I drink as is or sometimes I mix filtered water and ice with it. Refreshing and nutritious. What I like most about it is that it is HFCS free! Regardless of deceiving commercials on t.v trying to persuade me that it's no big deal, I beg to differ and if Dr. Oz believes HFCS is worse for us than regular table sugar. I listen. The fact that it also boldly states GMO free is a plus. What is GMO? GMO is a genetically modified organism, meaning genetically engineered foods - crossing species to create foods some may believe might be better tasting or more nutritious. It's not normal! Without adequate research such foods might have great risks for us, as well as the environment. With no High fructose corn syrup, no GMO, and ingredients that can be read in three short lines. These ingredients are filtered water, cane sugar, mango pure, vitamin C. I avoid any product which have a paragraph of ingredients, it isn't the case with Langers Mango Nectar - I am please to spend my money on this product. Did I mention the bottles containing the Mango Nectar is also BPA free?!  BPA (Bisphenol A) used to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resinsIn September 2010, Canada became the first country to declare BPA as a toxic substance.In the European Union and Canada, BPA use is banned in baby bottles. And so, my rave about Langers Product continues. I will go now and enjoy a glass. One small glass of Mango Juice for breakfast

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