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By Sara Zwicker @SaraZwicker

Well, here we are, the end of the road my friends.  Today is the last day of the 10 Day You Challenge.  I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing about it.  I’ve loved your comments over the past 9 weeks and hope you’ve learned a bit more about me.  I know I’ve learned more about you all and have loved every bit of it!  So…here we go!

10 day you challenge

One picture (of yourself)

Again this was a tough project as there were a few pics I could have chosen, but I decided on this one since it was essentially the last picture taken of me before my life was forever changed.  This picture was taken on Monday, February 20, 2012. I was SO thankful we scheduled my maternity shoot when we did because I ended up going into the hospital unexpectedly that Thursday, February 23rd and Ashton was born the next morning, February 24th (a total surprise as he wasn’t due for another month!).  I had no idea how much our lives were about to change, but looking at this picture always fills me with such happiness.

sara maternity shot B&W

So, that’s it folks.  I’ll see you all on Monday but until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Question of the day

 What would your one picture of yourself be?  Link to it if you can!

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