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One More Sunrise ( by a Real Photographer)

By Vickilane


One More Sunrise ( by a Real Photographer)

Our friend Cory paid us a brief visit and grabbed this gorgeous sunrise shot. He's a professional photographer and a very old friend of the family--twenty-some years, I think..

When Justin went to the NC School of Science and Math for is junior and senior year of high school, Cory was a year ahead of him. They became fast friends (despite Cory's habit of eating the centers out of the pans of brownies I sent Justin.)

At Chapel Hill, they were roommates. Once, when Justin was having trouble with their shared printer and was going to be late for the class in which the paper stranded in the printer was due, Cory told him to go on and he'd fix the printer. 

"Just sit by the window," he told Justin.

In class, the roll was called, consuming some precious time, and then the instructor began to walk up and down the rows of desks, picking up the assignments. As he neared Justin, Justin leaned back, stuck his arm out the window, and received his paper, hot off the printer.

Now that's a friend!

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