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One Job I Probably Won’t Ever Have

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Last night. Kohl's. 6:57 pm.


This summed it up well. Ugh. (But, what’s he complaining about? It only took me 11 minutes – don’t you love how I say I’ll let him know when I’m done at 7:07 and at 7:07 he asks if I’m done? Such a kid).

I hate bra shopping. Mostly because nothing fits right and the only bra I really like is at Victoria’s Secret and costs as much as my weekly grocery bill. You should not have to spend so much to hold your boobs up and in place. I do keep shrinking, and am now a voluptuous “A” cup. Don’t be jealous. There was a time in my breastfeeding days when I was a triple D cup – well, maybe it was a C. I just know it was handfuls bigger than where things are now.

One breath of fresh air for me in the breast department is Kelly Ripa.

One Job I Probably Won’t Ever Have

She and I are probably about the same size breast-wise (she actually maybe be small than I am). Kelly has all the money in the world ($20 million per year I just read) and total celeb status, but she has not had a boob job. She flaunts what she has and wears tasteful clothes that show off her less than full figure. Although, I do doubt she wears my favorite brands: Mossimo and Xhiliaration.

I honestly don’t think I would get a boob job because I think life is easier with less breast weight to carry around, especially while running.  I have never once had a black eye. Yes, a day or two of cleavage would be nice, but I don’t see it happening for me. I have no problem with others doing it, though. Actually, it makes for some fun people watching. Bottom line for me  - I am very active and they just get in the way. I have to say my favorite and most comfortable bras are my sports bras.

I did buy two bras last night and I hate them. I thought it would be okay, but after wearing it for 4 hours, I’m cranky because it’s uncomfortable. Do you get pissy when something is too tight or loose or just doesn’t feel right on your body? That’s what I get for buying cheap bras at Kohl’s. Back to VS to be fitted properly and to spend all of my wine money.

News flash!! So, did you hear the about this? Not only is Jillian returning to the Biggest Loser in January, but the show will now have young’uns on it. Yes, there will be several contestants who are ages 13 to 18. They will not be up for elimination and they also will not eligible to win the $250K. 

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Part of me loves that they are tackling the subject of childhood obesity, but part of me wishes they made that a different show.

One thing I am loving is that this is coming back:

One Job I Probably Won’t Ever Have

Let’s just hope they don't ask him to swim (did you see Stars Earn Stripes? Dolvett got kicked off during the first episode because he sank to the bottom of a lake. C’mon dude, really?).

Boob jobs – yes or no?

What do you think of changes to TBL?

Are you glad Jillian’s back? Yes, I’m a Jillian fan. Although I’m confused why she even left in the first place.


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