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One Homeless Girl

By Missmagpie @missxmagpie
Today, I will be officially homeless. Once I'm showered and dressed, I'm going to wander down to the council offices and let them know that I need their help. Actually receiving their help may be more of an uphill stomp, but I'm confident that I'll find somewhere to live soon.
At the moment, I'm staying with my man, Mr C. He lives with his parents so I can't be here for long. I'm in limbo and I feel like a complete loser. I'm homeless. Again.
L x
That's not happening today, for two reasons, 1. I talked to the man about registering as homeless, he feels that it would be a waste of time at the moment, he put forth his argument and I agreed; 2. I'm tired and my body is sore.
So I'm sitting on Mr C's bed while he's at B&Q buying a door. Patches of azure break through the white sky and the concealed sun fails to warm the wind, I can hear the English Channel beating against the stone-littered shore. I feel bitter and numb simultaneously so I'll just roll a joint and go to a lighter place where I can think about the truly important factors of existence for a while.
L x

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