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By Missmagpie @missxmagpie
This isn't my first blog. I have a habit of creating temporary blogs. I fear rejection most of all and if no one reads/comments on my work I get downhearted. It's ridiculous - I have as much right as anyone to send my thoughts out into the ether - whether they're judged fairly or not should be unimportant, just having them read should be enough. So here I go.
Recent History:
I quit university. Yes, I'm a drop-out but dropping out was the right decision. I'll go into my university experience in another post. For now, I'll just introduce myself; I am almost 26. I have a roof over my head for a while, and the love of my life by my side I'm safe, but I'm terrified. This blog will serve as an experiment in catharsis - an outlet to write my adventures and struggles as I start my life.
L x

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