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One Corporate Party with “Liberal” and “Conservative” Wings

Posted on the 11 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

Jason Y writes:

The media promote extreme social liberalism, but moderate economic liberalism. In other words, they’re for food stamps, but not Communism etc..

Yeah, me too. You always see some right wing fanatic who calls anyone not on Fox a Communist or a homo or whatever.

The Jew York Times has been pushing Jeb Bush very heavily. What kind of liberals do that?!

The media is not moderately liberal on economics. They’re pretty conservative. 100% of  the media is pushing the TIPP like mad. Support for the TIPP does not make you a “moderate liberal.” Screw that. Supporting the TIPP makes you a righting nut.

Of course both parties are supporting rightwing nuttiness when it comes to economics these days. These are just two wings of a Corporate Party, rightwing on economics where it counts and conveniently leftwing on social bullshit, the better to divide and conquer the working class with, my dear.

The Democrats are the “liberal” wing of the Corporate Party and the Republicans are the “conservative” wing of the Corporate Party, but they agree more than they disagree.

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