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on the Road. (to Italy).

By Nonibaumann

on the road. (to Italy).
so here we promised,  a little recap of our Italy road trip ...
and like promised, not the most impressive pictures,all easily "phone" captured moments on the road. (sorry the most beautiful moments are just still in my head;)
so if anyone likes to travel Europe ...i would always suggest to doing it with caravan/mobile home etc.
there are so many beautiful roads to travel,which connect so many wonderful places.
on the road. (to Italy).
 this time, like usually we started in Germany;)travelled down the Alps, passing Munichto our first stop Garmisch Partenkirchen.
The landscape there is wonderful to go on mountaineerhiking trips and just relax and enjoy nature. Sadly it was really rainy ... so yes it´s September you know...
so we packed up our things,travelled like planned through Austria via Italy.
The route through the Alps, passing the Dolomites,is so impressive and one of my very personal favorites...
on the road. (to Italy).on the road. (to Italy).on the road. (to Italy).
After another 7h ride (which was normally supposed to be a 3,5h ride)with endless hours feeling stuck in the Italian traffic(thanks to God our girl is a real road-tripping trouper,long training I tell you;)
we finally reached lake Garda, south of the Dolomites.
It´s Italy's biggest lake,known for his turquoise, blue colors.(the middle picture above by the way is without filter;)
It was wonderful, the landscape,the quiet
 (not so many tourists like in the summer main traveling time),the water, the sunshine.
All we just needed.
on the road. (to Italy). 
So we spent our days outside a whole lot,
eating way to many candy, gelato (four times a day!?) and pizza ...
and of course traveled some places around the lake.we were really happy to have our bikes with us,there are many beautiful bike routes in this area.
We were situated in Limone,which is known for it´s lemon treesand the beautiful lime scent in the air.
 as a tourist you can buy everything lemon there you can imagine.
The city is picturesque, as in a coloring book,partially built into the mountains opening out
on the road. (to Italy).
Actually we also wanted to leave for the South,travelling to Venice and the Adriatic.
But happily road trips are such a spontaneous thing,and we decided to enjoy the much needed rest and stay in the Garda area.
Like in every vacation the days flew by.
But this time they felt really intense,camping, being out a lot, soaking up and enjoying every bit of it. 
after leaving  beloved Italy, back home, we were passing Austria and the Tyrolean Alps,and took some extra days for another short stay around lake Achen.
This area of the Alps is not only perfect to mountaineerbut also there are really good (and easy) biking tracks,through the beautiful landscape.
on the road. (to Italy).on the road. (to Italy).
So if anyone is interested in this Route and needs further information,don`t hesitate contacting me, we found out many beautiful places, tracks,and good camping pitches, directly in nature.
I think we are not done with this route and will travel it another time.
not yet, but maybe soon,goodbye summer!
we are coming back;) !  

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