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On the Cuban Exiles

Posted on the 07 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

From the comments. Interesting stuff. Any reactions?

Screw the Cuban exile community, these people are the most obnoxious people on the face of the earth. They are rude, ill mannered, arrogant, elitist and stupid. The deserve all the misfortune that has befallen them because of their collective shittiness.

Nobody can stand Cubans, they can barely stand each other, that’s why real Americans hot footed it out of Miami as the Cubans started coming in. Who can blame them?

Cubans are generally loud mouthed, opinionated without education, love the sound of their own voice and you can’t get in a word edgewise to the point where a typical Cuban conversation consists of these idiots trying to scream over each other until they are hoarse. They are generally dishonest in business, always trying to gain an unfair advantage or otherwise trick anybody who tries to deal with them.

They are cliquish and gossipy and anyone who is a stranger is generally treated poorly, ridiculed and lied about when coming into a Cuban environment, because Cubans are so insecure about their own standing, better to thwart anybody with talent from contributing lest the Cuban lose their position.

A large part of their arrogance comes from the fact that Cubans are generally spoiled and overly indulged as children, told they are God’s gift to humanity; given over the top birthday parties where they are made to feel like little princes and princesses. As a result they become despotic little miscreants who think they deserve everything, which makes them extremely selfish.

They look upon the rest of the Latin community as inferior, when it is they who have not received rearing or taught manners. Just look at the examples of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, where do these clowns come off with such cockiness? This is not to say all Cubans are this way, most of the ones that are worth anything stayed on the island. The exiles are the reason Castro had to come in and clean house in the first place. These creeps are to blame for Castro being in power all these many years.

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