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On Repossi

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
On Repossi Well what can I say, pure perfection is all I need to add. Nothing less than perfect except for the prices. Owning one means getting addicted to wearing it and not taking it off even in the shower. But not only the rings, also other pieces of jewelry like earrings. Their jewelry is big but not too massive, exactly what I like so Repossi really is about taste and a matter of opinion and can't be worn by everybody. As long as you wear a simple outfit, you're safe. But not too wonder off too much, let's stay with TopShop shit quality jewelry for now. Oh yeah, my mood's so boosted up due to my upcoming holidays. Hell no, but you know what, I blame it on the weather. To that I am adding a wish of a happy Friday!
On Repossi
On Repossi

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