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On My Newfound Favorite: Chalayan

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
On my newfound favorite: Chalayan
On my newfound favorite: Chalayan To be honest, I've heard about Chalayan a few times already but I didn't really pay attention to it because no one ever talked about it or wore it so I thought it was just another random thing that's going to fail in the end. However, after reading an email from net-a-porter saying that they have new arrivals or something like that, I realized it wasn't what I thought it was. Checking out some pictures from runways, I love the simplicity of their clothing because even though it's simple and usually in one color only, it still doesn't look like someone just didn't have creativity, actually not at all, it really does look good. I posted a picture of the silver shoes above because that's a piece that I really like from their new collection and as you can see, the outfit again consists of not only silver shoes but also silver trousers and I fell in love with this combination (even though mixing different patterns with accessories is also my thing) so I decided I'm gonna have to post an outfit all in one color different from black without patterns. Challenge accepted. Now I'm off to turn my closet inside out in order to find the perfect pieces and you for now, just stay here googling some more Chalayan gorgeousness while I post something on here.

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