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On a Good Day.....

By Rubytuesday
On a good dayI wake up refreshed from a good nights sleepI wake early naturallyOn a bad dayI fight the morningI crave just a few more hours sleep 
On a good dayI feel ok about getting upAnd can do so without too much hassle On a bad day I dread the day aheadAnd would much rather sleep the day away
On a good day I put on the radioAnd sing along to pop music that I am much too old to be listening toI don't mind telling you that Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasureOn a bad day I turn in the radio to drown out my thoughtsTo stop the noise and negativity in my headTo muffle my thinking
On a good dayI have a showerAnd wear fresh clean clothesOn a really good dayI might even straighten my hairAnd apply a little bit of make upOn a bad dayI don't even washMy teeth don't get brushedAnd I tie my hair up in a messy pony tailOn a bad dayMy personal hygiene definitely suffers
On a good day I choose my clothes according to how I feelAnd make sure I look half way presentableOn a bad dayI throw on whateverAnd can't bring myself to look in the mirror
On a good dayI have no urge to weigh myselfAnd avoid the scale at all costsOn a bad dayI torture myselfAnd let the number dictate my mood for the whole day
On a good dayI pile Lea and Honey in to the carAnd head to beach for a long walkOn a bad dayI still pile the dogs in to the carAnd I still walk the beach But I don't enjoy it at all
On a good dayI will plan my mealsAnd go shopping for the foodOn a bad dayI go to the supermarketAnd buy lots of binge food
On a good dayI will get through the dayHaving purged a couple of timesOn a bad dayIt is relentless
On a good dayI will take my meds properlyOn a bad dayI will take them all
On a good day I will go swimmingOn a bad dayI won't leave the couchNever mind the house 
On a good dayI might go for coffee with a friendI might see a couple of friendsOn a bad dayI see no one 
On a good dayI almost pass as a normal personOn a bad dayI don't even know what normal means
On a good dayI feel aliveOn a bad dayI feel nothing
On a good dayI am chattyI laughOn a bad day I withdraw and isolate
On a good dayI feel like I can take on the world On a bad dayI want the world to swallow me up
On a good dayI feel hopeful and positiveOn a bad dayI feel nothing but fear and anxiety
Today is not a good dayNot at allBut I live in hope that tomorrow will be better

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