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Ombre Nails

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh

How to get ombre nails like these Ombre NailsWith FlashOmbre NailsWithout Flash
 So lets clear the air... What does OMBRE mean? It means the graduation of colour
You might of seen many people having a ombre hair color where their hair goes from darker to lighter, well this is the same principle with our nails. So what your gonna need is a Basecoat/Topcoat and 3 or 5 nail varnishes in similar colours, then place them in order from darker to lighter.
Unfortunatley i don't have a big enough collection of nail varnishes to use 5 colours so im making do using 3. These nail varnishes are all from E.L.F, the colours i am using are Smokey brown, Rosy Raisin and Mod Mauve.
And here are the colours.Ombre Nails( From left to right - Smokey Brown, Rosy Raisin, Mod Mauve)
If your using 3 colours here is how i did it but you can do it which ever way you like aslong as the colours are in a graduation form.
1)First apply basecoat leaving to completely dry Ombre Nails Barry M Basecoat & Topcoat

2)Using your darkest color (Smokey Brown) paint your thumb and index finger.
 3)Using the next darkest (Rosy Raisin) paint your middle and ring finger.
4)and using the last one paint your pinky.
NOTE: apply 2 coats to ensure good color and then apply a topcoat to avoide chipping.& PHOLARR YOU HAVE YOUR OMBRE NAILS!
Happy Painting 
Leigh xo 

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