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By Sheril @bsheril

Guys get ready for a great event because Oktoberfest is on the way !!!! Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich and Bavaria which starts at late September and ends in the first week for October(16-18 days).This event is popular for the world second largest tent . Last year 2010 was 200 th anniversary it was a 17 days festival ,6.4 million people took part last time .It started with the marriage Prince Ludwig of Bavaria with princess Therese of saxony,the king wanted his people to celebrate his marriage on Oct 12,1810 .The King organized a horse race and later it was followed by a party and that’s how it started .Big,medium and small tents are available with all sorts of food stuffs like Chicken,pork,fish,Oxen and beverages like beer,wine,sparkling wine ,coffee and tea,water and lemonade etc.This year 2011 it is held on Sep 17 – Oct 3 (17 days).Enjoy this fest with German Beer !!!

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