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Oklahoma: Where Earthquakes Shake 600x the average...Fracking is "OK"!

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
"Is it, as common sense might suggest, the seemingly obvious connection to Fracking, or is the Lord using our great state as a Shake Weight?"  ~~ Jon Stewart
The Oklahoma State's Energy & Environment Cabinet reported an Oklahoma Geological Survey that states; "It's very likely that Oil and Gas waste, Water Disposal Wells have triggered Earthquakes."
The current rate of Earthquakes in the Sooner State is approximately 600 times! the Historical Averages!!  An Earthquake mass occurring over about 15% of the State. The fact that it's happening, where there's  an increase in Wastewater Disposal Wells? You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to know, it's not GOD!!
Because being stupid, is not enough...following the announcement, the Oklahoma House, in all their Wisdom on the denial of Science...passed 2 Legislative Bills outlawing any or all Fracking Bans in the State. To limit the ability of the communities to decide if they want to allow fracking and drilling nearby!  Power to the People?...hey! Corporations are "People" and they prefer screwing other "People" But, in Oklahoma, that's "OK"!
Now, we can's either these Sooners, are truly in a class of stupidity all of its own? are religiously fanatic science deniers? a little bit of both? or is it the "Don't Give a Shit" crowd and their smell for money? The point is, it doesn't have these scums of the earth, screwing humanity for their own self-gains! and you have those with no guts to stand up for the common man. A gutless Legislature...but for the State of Oklahoma...apparently, that's "OK"!
It's inconceivable to find out, you're living in a State where the ground under your feet shakes 600x more than the average; you know for a fact that the root cause is Fracking! you know that Water Contamination is spreading throughout our natural resources, and then you pass Legislation, legally allowing Corporations to drill without the consent of the population??...making it illegal for the community to decide what's best for them!! And since it's Law, they can't file a lawsuit against the drillers!
There's something terribly wrong with all this! Knowingly admit Fracking is not Healthy for Children and other Living Things, and then to continue doing it? only this time with the complete control of the Law, on your side? Shades of Koch, who probably have their own stake, on that 15% of the State!
The dangers of the mass destruction of our land, the absolute possibility of a Health epidemic from polluted water, the feed for the animals, and the cross-contamination from animal and human bacteria...does anybody in give a shit?? Apparently, not in Oklahoma. Allowing the endangerment of the population, allowing the endangerment of their own Families? It's absurd! But in the Sooner State, that's "OK"!
Why is it "OK"?
There's only one reason...'you' voted this garbage in!! And every time Oklahoma has a chance to Vote, 'you' continue to bring in religious fanatics, self-deniers, and every amateur batshit screwball to run the business of Government! Does the rest of the country want to live like this?  'This' is good warning to those who still have doubts about respecting our Planet. As for Oklahoma, they slept with the evil ways and they Voted "YEA"...they got to make their own bed!
Meanwhile, those self-deniers can go back to their Caves!! In Oklahoma, that's OK!!
Jon Stewart on Oklahoma earthquakes: Fracking or God’s ‘Shake Weight?’ - The Washington Post

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