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OJ Simpson Returns to Court to Try to Get His Conviction Overturned.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


One of America’s more colourful and well known inmates, OJ Simpson the former pro American footballer and actor and the man who amazingly got acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson back in 1995 is back in court to try to persuade officials to grant him a retrial for the “armed robbery” conviction he received in 2008. He strenuously pleads his innocence in this case and there is a school of though that OJ was on the end of some rough justice and a good deal of “pay back” during that particular trial. Looking at the Astrology, it is easy to see why this case has come back around again.

SimpsonOJ natal

OJ is a Sun Cancerian with a Pisces Moon and a proud Leo Ascendant, so despite the rather watery and emotional Sun Moon combination which is very intuitive, pleasant and yet pretty elusive to be truthful, OJ will always enjoy being in the spotlight and in the glare of publicity with that Leo Ascendant. This is a personality that is not grounded with no planets in earth signs, so OJ will sail along, taking whichever direction the tides of his emotions take him in. This chart indicates that there is very much a me first side to me which all but one of his planets in the left hand side (or Eastern hemisphere) of the chart.

OJ’s Sun is in the 11th house with Uranus, Mercury and Venus, so team affairs would always be somewhere that OJ would shine and he would be a talented individual (Uranus) yet a popular one (Venus) in any teams that he was part of. Certainly the cancer influence comes through strong here and OJ would be very protective of those around him yet also pro active too. Mercury in Cancer is retrograde, so he is not the most out-going individual when it comes to communication and would be always very guarded in the way he expressed himself.

The base for his chart is a very heavyweight Saturn Pluto conjunction in his hidden 12th house. This is a conjunction of potential high achievement and ambition connected to athletic Mars in his 10th house of career and creative Neptune in his 2nd house of earning money, focusing onto that conjunction through a trine between these two planets and making a mini grand trine. You can see the two main strands of his career and these of course were his fine American Football career shown by Mars, one where he would have great ambitions with Mars in the 10th in Gemini and one where he needed quick reactions and a quick brain. The second is a TV and acting career shown through Neptune which rules films, imagination acting and creative pursuits. Now of course, Saturn and Pluto is a harsh combination hidden away on this chart in the 12th house of suffering, Pluto rules death and Saturn harsh experiences.

Add in Mars in the public 10th house which can be a violent influence and Neptune which can cast doubt and illusion allied with Neptune’s sign Pisces being on the cusp of the 8th house of death causing even more and you have the conditions for the trial and the doubt surrounding OJ and his actions that happened in 1994. His wife at the time Nicole was ruled by Uranus with Aquarius on the cusp of his 7th house and natally, Uranus is conjunct to Venus. His relationships were always going to be unpredictable affairs I think I can safely say, especially as this conjunction makes a square aspect to the Moon in the 8th house. Here is a link to deep emotions and women as well as a wholehearted response to any situation he would find himself. That Venus square to Neptune indicates he needed love that was almost too perfect and when the reality came out that would create disappointment in him. This square also says to me that there was the capacity for deceit within OJ and dishonesty with himself and with others. The Moon in the 8th square to Uranus and Venus in the 11th says to me erratic and unpredictable relationships with female friends that begin incredibly quickly with passion and verve, jealousy and intensity and finish in just the manner, relationships that transform the individual completely.

The only planet that I have not looked at is Jupiter at the foundation of his chart, opposed to his Midheaven, square to that Saturn/Pluto conjunction, and trine to Sun and Mercury. Here was certainly optimism and luck and someone who always looked on the bright side of life and was able to have a laugh and a joke in a jovial manner. Here also is justice (Jupiter) opposing his pubic persona (Midheaven) and the issue he would be judged on is shown through the square to Pluto, a brutal and harsh incident behind closed doors surrounding a death (Pluto in 12th) in his own home (Scorpio ruling 4th).  

SimpsonOJ Transits

The Nodal axis in Astrology often brings old issues back into our lives and if you look at the transits chart you can see the transiting North Node now conjunct his natal Jupiter revisiting legal issues and it is square to Pluto so he trying to overturn his incarceration in jail shown by Pluto in the 12th, the house that rules prisons. Transiting Saturn is now square to his natal Saturn and he has ambitions by approaching authority to try and improve his position and standing in life. You can also see transiting Uranus trine to that 12th house conjunction indicating he is seeking freedom and independence. Actually with a lot of inner planets in his public 10th house including friendly Venus, active Mars, his Sun, Mercury and lucky Jupiter I think he will have success in forcing a retrial, as favour with people in authority will come from all those 10th house transiting planets in the next month.

So then, will he succeed in this attempt to quash his conviction? I have a feeling he may go close to getting what he wants. Transiting Pluto is inconjunct to that Pluto/Saturn conjunction showing enforced change, separation and adjustment. From the position he is being locked away for a life sentence of 33 years, any adjustment on those 12th house planets may well be a positive change. People think that inconjunct aspects are bad and difficult influences and often they are, but when you are at rock bottom, often any change can only be one for the better? One last thought for you too. Might the North Node a lucky influence on his lucky Jupiter at the start of this process be an indication of potential success? We will have to wait and see…

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