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Oh Yes! Chocolate Can Make Us Thin! (Sort Of).

By Tempestra @tempestra1

How many of us rejoiced at the news this week that eating chocolate regularly could have a slimming effect?  That’s just the sort of news women everywhere have been waiting for, surely?

Oh yes! Chocolate can make us thin! (Sort of).
In a study of 1,000 Americans, which looked at diet, calorie intake and BMI, it was discovered that those who ate chocolate “several times a week” were, on average, thinner than those who only indulged from time to time.

Scientists are now telling us that in spite of being laden with calories and fat, chocolate does contain ingredients which somehow favour weight loss – something to do with antioxidants which attack our free radicals?!!  To be honest, I don’t really understand the technical part, but as a life-long chocoholic, this is music to my ears.  Now I won’t feel quite so naughty when I reach for a Terry’s Orange as opposed to a juicy one…

However, putting my sensible hat on for one second, I hope this doesn’t send out completely the wrong message to more impressionable types.  This research is not terribly extensive and let’s not forget that chocolate is laden with sugar, too much of which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.  Personally, I believe there is no better approach than a healthy, balanced diet – but I also believe equally that we should not deny ourselves special treats.

Chocolate has always been my guilty pleasure, now it’s simply a pleasure!


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