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Oh, the Neverland Cut off Point.

By Littlefashionthoughts
If you saw the embarrassing post I put up for a few days last week then you may know on Friday the 31st of January I turned eighteen. I'd been waiting for what seemed a long time, though when the day was etching closer a small part of me wanted to freeze time as eighteen means really growing up.
Oh, the Neverland cut off point.
Oh, the Neverland cut off point.
I spent the night going to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Now, most people know that I adore Chris Pine a bit too much and basically everything he's been in, and this was no exception, it was brilliant, his acting was impeccable, so was his dressed up suit scenes, those were great. I could ramble on about him for hours, but I'll save that for another day. After the film my parents and I went for a meal, that's basically how I spent the day of my eighteenth birthday and I loved it. I didn't want to do something major on the day, even if it was a Friday, I was far more content with spending the night with my parents.
Then Saturday night, me, my best friend, my cousin and her friend stayed in a hotel and went out at night, we didn't stay out as long as I imagined we would, but none the less it was brilliant. We may have spent more time in the takeaway rather than in any bars, but food right?
Then this Tuesday because it was the day we were all free, I went for a meal with Kimmy, Talia, Alana and Tasmin at Harvester, it was just to do something and another excuse for us to get together. I had a brilliant birthday, had an amazing weekend and I can honestly say I have been spoiled. 

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