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Octobers Starlooks Box

By Laurieann @laurieann14
So let me show you what i got in  my october starlooks box.
Octobers Starlooks box
Octobers Starlooks box
                                            These are all the goodies.
Octobers Starlooks box    This was the surprise in the box. These are masquerade eye stickers. I am super excited to try these out. I will do a blog posting with pics when i put these on.
Octobers Starlooks box    Posh eye shadow pigment, I love the way this stays so vibrant, doesnt fade or crease and i love that this has so much pigment.
Octobers Starlooks box    Masquerade lipstick. This is a rich, blood read with a hint of orange shimmer. The color is perfect for fall.;
Octobers Starlooks box    Gold duct eyeliner pencil. This is great for the upcoming holiday season. It is very workable pencil, goes on good without hurting your eyelids.
peace and beauty
laurie ann

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