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October Update: Part 2

By Rubytuesday
Hello friends
I don't know how many people still read and follow this blogIt still gets a couple of hundred hits a day So I'm thinking there are still a few of youThis blog has changed since its birth some five and a half years agoIt was an ED blogThenna recovery blogBut now it's more like a life blog A living blogA keep going despite everything blogA don't give up blogLife is good for meAnd might I add I am the heaviest I've ever been and I couldn't give a hootWhen they need to remove a wall from my home to get me out of the house with a forklift Then I will worryI can't remember if I wrote about what happened a couple of weeks ago at horse riding Anyway I'll you I was in a lesson with Fintan And from the start I didn't feel good We were trotting around the arenaAnd I started to feel very dizzy and weak My instructor realised and pulled me off the horse I was so disappointed I chatted to my instructor afterwards And she told me that the way I was going she wouldn't let me ride She asked if I was eating properly And the answer to that was a big noShe emphisised how important it is to eat correctly while doing such a physical sportThat right there was motivation enough to get me to sort out my food It wasn't that I was restricting or binging But I wasn't eating breakfast Or a solid lunch or dinnerI kind of just grazed through out the dayPicking and not actually eating proper mealsSoI had to make a very manageable and realistic meal planI now eat breakfast, lunch and dinnerAnd do my best to eat good healthy foodIt has made a massive difference I'm a different girlI have energy I feel more switched onMore able and capable And horse riding has become fun again I was there just yesterday And my canters went great My instructor told me that she can see the work I've put in and that we will be progressing nowI'm hoping this means I'll be jumping I can't tell you how excited I am for that!Watch this space...
In other news Coco is wellHe saw the farrier a few weeks agoAnd was good as gold I've started bringing him for walks down the lane on the lead rope And he just loves itHe'll walk down no botherBut when I want to go back to the field He doesn't want toAnd stands like a stubborn toddlerSo I try reverse psychology And unclipped his lead rope and walk offHe immediately trots behind meApart from the day when he trotted past me and went heading up the lane towards the road I was freaking out But had to remain calmI called himHe stopped and looked at me Then I remembered I had polo mints in my pocket I took them out and lured him back to the field with themIt worked thank God!Relations with Cocos owner are not goodHe is moody and unpredictable One day he's as nice as can beAnother day he is verbally attacking meHe's sarcastic in a mean wayAnd I'm starting to wonder if maybe he's not entirely well in the head He insists that I buy any tack or equipment that Coco may need Because he supplies the grazing Em excuse meBut last time I checked He is your ponyYes I help care for himYes I am invested in himBut I've already shelled out money for food, for tack, for the farrier I won't be taken for a foolAnyway Moving onHere is the monkey man Coco...
October Update: Part 2 October Update: Part 2 October Update: Part 2 October Update: Part 2 October Update: Part 2

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